Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Of Prickly Things and Craziness

   Life has been a little crazy lately.  I'm pretty sure that anyone could say that, at any given time, and it would be true.  Since when was life a mundane cycle of ordinary?  And what is "normal"?  Anyway, here's a few quick snapshots of "My Crazy Life";
April Showers Bring May Flowers.  But my roses bloomed in April!  Mom and Dad bought Rose bushes for my birthday last year, and the blooms this year were delightful!
My day lilies bloomed in May.  They are a native MO variety, and I enjoy seeing them every year.  They sway and laugh in the breeze, cheering everyone who sees them.

I've been making things to add to my Etsy Shop and to sell at my family's sale booths this summer.  SharaiStyle by SarahStylin', open for business!
 And now for the Prickly.  Meet our new hedge hog!  He doesn't have a name yet, but we children are calling him Cider for now.  He is a Ruby eyed Cinnacot in color.  We love him!
      Yes, between getting a new pet, doing our usual household chores, and crocheting on a daily basis, life has been very busy.  But, I'm happy to say, the work is worth it!  When I'm feeling run down and overwhelmed, I stop and look back on all I've accomplished so far this year.  When you add up all the little things,  I've done a lot! 
   If you're feeling over worked, overwhelmed, or incapable of making a good difference in the world, think;  How many people would miss you if you just disappeared? How much harder would it be for your family to get along if you weren't there to help out?  Even if you're thinking "Sure, I do small stuff.  But all I did today was put cold cereal on the table, load the dishwasher, read a book to the 4 year old 4 times over, and talk to a friend on the phone", remember,  this is the stuff that counts.  You are making a difference!
           Be Blessed!