Friday, June 6, 2014

Home Sweet Home, I Think.

     Most people I know have, at some time, lived in a household with small children. We know that they are liable to say whatever crosses their mind, that they are not shy about making their wishes known, and that they will argue about absolutely anything. They can also be sweet, have a true need for an occasional cuddling, and  enjoy surprising people with random gifts (you really haven't lived until somebody brings a bug or snake "for you").
     Here is a conversation held between my mother, my 3 yr. old sister, and myself this morning.
 Esther- "I wants a yo-yo!"
     Mom- "OK.  Let's see, aren't you... Well, maybe we should wait... I mean, you need altitude to yo-yo..."
     Esther- "I wants a yo-yo now!  From Walmart!"
     Me- "Are you saying she's vertically challenged?"
     Mom- "Shhhh, shhhhh.  Esther, we'll think about it, OK?"
     Esther- "No!  No think about it!  I wants a yo-yo!"

   Now, we had 3 options. Tell her why a yo-yo would not work for her at this point (thus incurring the wrath of the toddler), tell her that no, she simply can not have a yo-yo right now (even angrier toddler), or distract her with something else.  We went with the third option. Our next conversation went like this;

   Mom- "Look Esther, I got you something!"
   Esther- " Bubbles?!"
   Mom- "Yes!  See all those neat bubble wands?"
-Esther shreds the packaging and pulls out the brightly colored contents-
   Esther- "Saah (Sarah, no r sound), you wants one?"

  A few hours ago she was up in arms.  And now she wants to share her new toy with me.  I think this is why small people scare me so much.  Their emotions change like the wind, and what they lack in logic they more than make up for with attitude.
   I'm still learning to laugh at the not so sweet parts of home life, but I'm enjoying being with my family.  Including the nowhere near grown members of my family.  Cheers to any one who is also going through "growing pains" with toddlers, teenagers, or any of the people with whom you have to interact.  Keep your coffee cup close, and God closer. Blessings!