Saturday, May 24, 2014

What now?

     18 months serving as a kitchen girl at Hillcrest Home.  18 months of cooking, cleaning, learning, and making friends.  Now it's over.  So what's next?
    For now, I'm back at home.  I'm sewing, occasionally cooking, and growing closer to my siblings (they're so BIG!).  It's different from what I remember.  The food is changed, the house is changed, and the people are really changed.  The only thing that hasn't changed is the cat.  She's still fat, sassy, sleepy, and constantly making me sneeze.
     So for those of you who may have wondered, I'm still alive.  And I actually have time to blog.  Now I just have to find the will to keep at it.  Until next time, be blessed, and stay strong!