Monday, October 10, 2011


  Hellooo Monday.  Up and at 'em, everyone, there's work to be done!
  Today I'm repairing connections.  No, I'm not talking about family ties, damaged friendships, or any thing that has to do with other humans.  At least not directly.  Today I'm trying to fix the connection between my camera, printer, and computer, and connecting another laptop to our wireless network.
  As all of you know, good connections are very important.  The connection between my camera, printer, and computer has to be fixed so I can upload pictures to this blog (my siblings lost the camera cables, so I have to download directly from the SD card port in our printer).  And my laptop must be able to connect to the internet within 4 days, or I'll have to reinstall everything I've put onto it after wiping the hard drive and reinstalling the programs, since all the trial things I installed expire at that time. Note: I don't recommend completely erasing everything on your hard drive and installing all new programs unless absolutely necessary, or unless you are a total computer whiz.  I'm not a Geek-ette, I'm just hard headed and had to try this myself when my laptop crashed.  I think I've learned a lot from the whole experience.  :-)
  Good connections between humans are just as important as any other type.  Just as my laptop will have to be "redone" if I can't get the wireless connection fixed, a "connection", or  human relationship, may have to be completely rebuilt if left uncared for. And I do recommend this type of  "hard drive clean up", done as soon as possible!
   You may have started out well, erasing past mistakes with large amounts of repentance and forgiveness, and you might even have "installed" some new software through acts of kindness, gifts, and promise.  But if you don't have the right "drivers", such as trust, sincerity, and love (I'm talking brotherly love, not the romance type!), you won't get anywhere with your new relationship.  You may even experience some of the same problems you had before!  Sure, you thought you got all the "bugs ironed out" in one shot, but that's not how relationships work. 
   You'll have to establish new "wireless connections" with the world around you, if your change has really been sincere, since you are a changed person, and the world need to know the real you for smooth operation.  Yes, you'll still have issues to work through, but you can do it! 
   Don't forget about using a proper antivirus, and remember that it doesn't guarantee your computer won't "die of worms" unless you keep it updated!  I recommend using The Lord Jesus Christ, but it's your choice (The Lord Jesus Christ is FREE, but you must remember to continuously update for best results).
    Keep your connections "fixed", and have a great week! 

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