Monday, November 14, 2011

Life Construction

           I haven't had much to say in the past few weeks.  Life has been very busy, with a weekend of Christian Youth Meetings and a lot of general construction on the house being the top two things that have kept us on our toes. The meetings were very good, and quite worthwhile.  And I'm sure the work on the house will be worth all the effort in the long run, although I can't appreciate it very much just now.
           I have realized that it's easy for me to get discouraged while looking at my life from a day by day perspective.  When you look at each day, and can't see a significant change in any one, it can be depressing!
           I taught school for 1 year while on the mission field in Bolivia, South America. Looking back, I can see that the 1 full year made a big difference for all the students I taught.  Yet while I was teaching it was difficult to see any good in all that work.  When I had to teach my students the ABC's time and again, and show the older students over and over how to divide a number, it could become frustrating.  I'd lose sight of the "big picture", and just feel bad, and as though it were all my fault my students weren't learning faster.
          Is this the way it is for you?  Please don't lose sight of "the big picture".  Your life is a canvas, each thing you do is a stroke of color, blending or contrasting with the rest to create a work of art.  When the work drags on and on, the house never stays clean, and there's always something you've forgotten to do, don't get discouraged.  Remember;  Every little thing you do will be important in the finished masterpiece of your life.
           Keep your chin up!  YOU are important!

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  1. What a wonderful reminder Sarah, I needed to hear this! It's hard sometimes when you dwell on the mondane of you said, so easy to lose sight of the *big picture.*

    & what an amazing thing you did to teach those children...I'm sure you've touched their lives in more ways than you can even imagine :)

    Bless you!