Thursday, January 5, 2012

A "New" Year

    It's a beautiful, warm, breezy day.  The sun is shining brightly, the children are playing outside, and I am doing one of my favorite things, typing.
    The holidays have come and gone, and with them the scurry and worry of preparation and perfection.  Maybe you had a relaxed time over Thanksgiving and Christmas, but at our house the "holiday" is for the men and young children. Mom and the older girls were kept busy, working in the kitchen, tidying up between visits, and caring for children.  As the oldest daughter, I was included in this group.  There's no time like the holidays to better illustrate the fact that "A man's work is from sun to sun, but a woman's work is never done".
  So now it is time to relax a bit, and enjoy the year while it is young.  I made no grand resolutions on the 1st of January as I know that I will learn and do a multitude of new things this year without planning on them! Instead, I am praying for strength to make it through this year, courage to face the difficult times, and grace to flow through my words and actions. 
   May you be successful in all you do and plan this year!  Be blessed!

1 comment:

  1. What a wonderfully beautiful day you had! But I can totally relate to the business of a Mom, truly your job is never done!

    Happy Blessful New Year's to you Sarah!