Sunday, March 11, 2012

Today's Writing, 'A Forest Blessing'

                          A Forest Blessing

This blessing now I give to you
O Forest of my King
As you His very will obey
And with His praises ring

Today I claim you, humble wood
For Christ, the risen Lord
May you be filled with Jesus’ peace
Show us to read His word

As each new traveler passes through
Inspire them to pray
Stand strong as God intended you
Grow greater every day

The herbs that now are planted here
For food and healing are
May they be seen by those in need
As if a shining star

The children of this wood be blessed
All creatures great and small
They shall remain as God has planned
For He did make them all

Through storm and sun may you endure
Through wind, and fire, and rain
Good shelter give to those that seek
With rest relieve their pain

May you be watered from above
And nurtured from below
God grant you health in every part
His healing through you go

I ask my Lord to walk among
The trees that form this place
That I with Him may speak and learn
His joy, His love, His grace

God, bless the forests You have made
And meet us there, my King
Dominion take again and show
Your love in everything

                                                         Sarah Erhart,  2012

This bit of writing was inspired by the feelings I have for the woods I live in.  I like to walk among the trees each day and sing, or just listen to the sound of nature.  I had the thought a few months ago of writing down what I would say to the forest if giving it a blessing, and today I finally got it done.  You can find a couple of photos of "my forest", or a least part of it, on the post for October 21, A Bit of Beauty.  The photo I've used as a header for this blog is also of the woods behind my home. Are you inspired by the forest?  What's your favorite "nature activity"?  I'd love to hear about your favorite things!                                    Have a wonderful week!

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