Monday, May 7, 2012

Such is Life

  Guess what?  I skipped blogging for the entire month of April!  Sorry about that, folks,  I'll try to be more consistent from now on.
  April was national Autism Awareness Month, as well as being my birthday month, so my mother bought me a book about a girl with autism and her struggle to be understood.  It's called 'I Am In Here', and it is co-written by Virginia Breen and Elizabeth M. Bonker.  It is a wonderful book, and I would definitely recommend it to any one with even the slightest interest in our special people.  You can find the book at  along with a wonderful blog about Elizabeth's journey.
  April also ended up being an EXTREMELY busy month for my family.  We had birthdays to celebrate, business expo's to attend, and a million other things to get done.  All in all, it was wonderful and fulfilling.  We are trying to get a wee bit of rest now, before beginning all over again in June.
  Speaking of June...  We live just off the old Route 66, and the Route 66 Summer fest is just around the corner!  If you happen to be traveling through mid MO on June 2, be sure to stop in Rolla and check it out!  I haven't been to one of the festivals yet, but I've heard they're wonderful and they're expecting great things this year.  My family will be there this year, too, and will have a booth with the name of 'Improving Life'.  Come by and see us!
  I hope to post some new pictures soon, as well as finally finishing my blog design.  No time now, as supper has to be served and 101 other little things finished before bedtime.
      May you have a wonderful Summer!

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