Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lovely Day

  It's a lovely day in central MO.  The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, and leaves of all colors are dancing everywhere.  Inside the house, I bake bread while my sister mixes cake batter and measures it into muffin tins.  Winter clothes are being laundered in preparation for their use,  and the children are rollerblading on the back deck..  It's a lovely day!
  I was reminded again yesterday that I need to focus on all the good things that come into my life, and share those things with others.  So often I can get bogged down by all my little problems and worries, and lose sight of all I have to be thankful for.  When my siblings are whining, the washing machine is broken, and the living room looks as though it's been hit by a tornado,  it's so easy to focus on the bad in my life and get discouraged.  So...
   Today I'm focusing on the good, and sharing it with you.  Whatever the weather, no matter how hard life is right now, remember all the things you have to be thankful for, and be inspired.  Notice I say, "be" inspired.  Don't "wait to be" inspired, but find something to inspire you right now.  Maybe someone gave you a note a few weeks ago that made your day, and it's still taped up next to your desk.  Read it again, and be thankful for the person that gave it to you.  If you can hear your family or neighbors playing (or even fighting), be thankful that you are not all alone in the world, and life can get better!  If you're feeling utterly exhausted, for whatever reason, remember that God gave  us sleep and you're going to get some (even if it's not right now, and you'll have to push through a little longer).  Be thankful for every moment that you can think, breathe,smell, taste, feel, see and hear.  Even if you can't hear, can't walk, and can't even see right, be thankful for the things you can do!  I love to read, but it does sometimes give me a headache.  I don't always feel thankful for anything while I'm in the middle of a headache, or worse yet a migraine, but if I stop to count my blessings I realize that I'm grateful that I can see at all, glad that I have the ability and learning to read, and thankful that my book (usually) will be waiting for me to finish it the next day!
    Stay thankful, stay strong!
  P.S.- I'm posting my bread recipe in Sarah's Kitchen, just in case you feel inspired to make your own bread.  Enjoy!

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