Tuesday, March 6, 2012


    OK, feel free to laugh at me, but I am doing a silly little happy dance over here.  Why?  Because I finally have a store front of my own started up on Etsy.  I know, it may not seem like a huge accomplishment, but for a procrastinator like me it's a BIG deal!  My mom kept telling me I should try to make a little something with all the stuff I crochet, but...  I have a thing for giving everything away as gifts.  Bad habit?  Maybe, but I do so love to give!  I only have two things in my shop so far, but hope to have more by tomorrow.  Here's what I made yesterday:
         It's a fringe purse, and it was very fun to make!  Just hoping someone else will like it as much as I do.  I think I'd like to make another, slightly different, in a peach or pink color.  What do you think?
         Please feel free to head on over and visit my shop, here's the link.            http://www.etsy.com/shop/SharaiStyle?ref=seller_info
         Hope to have more available soon!   I'm making viking caps for my brothers today, they're very excited about it.  An 8 yr. old and a 4 yr. old playing at being vikings... I think I'll have to scour the house for all sticks and dangerous objects before they get started, lol!
        @ Joanna,  I will be purchasing one of your amazing prints A.S.A.P.!  Hoping that "Possible" will be very soon!  And folks, if you haven't seen Joanna Haber's beautiful art work yet, you are missing out!  You can check out her blog "A Bit of Whimsy", I have it in my blog list on the right side of this page.  She also has her work available through Etsy, and it's wonderful!  Go. Look. Now.
       I really have to go, as the housework will not get done on its own (and why not? lazy housework!).  I just had to share my exciting news!
                                                       Have a wonderful day! 

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